Adoration eucharist : Anniversary of the Birth of Blessed James Alberione

4 April 2013

“In the Pauline Family, the daily hour of adoration is a must. Our piety is first and foremost Eucharistic. Everything flows from our Eucharistic Master as from a life-giving spring. Born from the Tabernacle, it is here that the Pauline Family finds its nourishment, its life, its way of working, its sanctification. Everything comes from… Read more »

15 June: “A Day of Blessing”

Celebrating the Day of Our Birth

FOR THE GLORY AND PRAISE OF GODCelebrating the Origins of Our Vocation G. 15 June is the anniversary of our birth. The Pauline charism was entrusted to a small community to whom Fr. Alberione opened infinite horizons: a great holiness to be attained together; an apostolate of evangelization whose borders were the entire world; the interior… Read more »

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