A time of trial

James Alberione went to Benevello several times to improve his health, the first time while he was a seminarian at Bra. Everyone was concerned about him because his health was so poor. But God kept his promises. The Divine Master appeared to him in a dream and reassured him, "Do not be afraid. I am with you. From here I want to enlighten. Be sorry for sin". In Benevello, our Founder got to know a number of boys and girls who later entered his first two foundations. One of these first vocations was Maggiorino Vigolungo.

The Church of St. Peter in Chains
A place of healing

This is Benevello''s only parish. The current edifice was built in 1930 so it is not the church Fr. Alberione knew. He was often the guest of the parish priest for a couple of months at a time when he needed to rebuild his health. While there, he helped the pastor carry out his priestly duties and also spent time in prayer, reflection and meditation in view of his future mission.

Our Lady of the Langa
The Sanctuary he visited daily

The little Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Langa is very old. Located on a small hill outside Benevello, even today it is a place of prayer and pilgrimage. As a seminarian, James Alberione often visited the church, reciting his rosary as he walked along. He continued this practice even after ordination when his health permitted it.