The Daughters of St. Paul dedicate their lives to the Gospel.

While it is important to provide material bread for all people and ensure that they are able to live in a dignified way, it is equally urgent to distribute the bread of the Gospel so as to respond to each person's hunger for the Truth and for God.

Fr. Alberione invited the Daughters of St. Paul to center their mission on the Word of God, but he also said: "Don't speak only about religion. Speak about everything in a Christian way." And he told them to do this by taking advantage of all the technologies of communication, by blazing new trails for the Gospel, by striving to be present at the 'crossroads' and 'meeting places' of humanity so that always more people can get to know and welcome Jesus.

The Daughters of St. Paul live for this mission, which they carry out through numerous activities.

"Fate la carità della verità!"