Native land of God’s prophet

In November 1883, just a few months before the birth of James, Michele Alberione moved his family to the “Nuove Peschiere” farmhouse in San Lorenzo, one of the 15 hamlets that comprised the Fossano municipality.

Nuove Peschiere
A life of poverty in the midst of plenty

Located at the center of a large estate, the building known as “Nuove Peschiere” is a large, sturdy manor house, with a barn and hayloft attached to it. The Alberione family occupied one room on the ground floor of the building. A door in the room opens into the barn. James was born in the family’s living quarters on 4 April 1884.

Church of St. Lawrence the Martyr
Birth to life in God

James Alberione was baptized in this church on 5 April 1884. The baptism took place just 24 hours after his birth because he was so small and sickly that his parents thought he might not live.