Easter 2024

Resurrection is not a future event. We resurrect right now every time we immerse ourselves in the deep silence that allows us to slow down our life, release our tensions, and look at ourselves with infinite compassion. Resurrection is not a future event: it is the perfume of life that we already experience right now…

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Fourth Sunday of Lent 2024

  LIFT UP YOUR gaze (JOHN 3:14-21) Today’s Gospel is a description of light tapping at a window. The light filtering through the pane urges us to make a choice: do we want to take the high road and go forth, or do we prefer to hide behind a wall? The impassioned call we hear… Read more »

Third Sunday of Lent 2024

  MAKE  love ESPLODERE (JOHN 2:13-25) With the determination of a child learning to walk, Jesus attempts in today’s Gospel to set a new course, reversing the old one. It means refusing to turn God’s sacred dwelling into a marketplace and, instead, allowing the Divine One to emerge and fertilize even the marketplace. This reversal… Read more »

Baptism of the Lord 2024

What the Messiah wants to do, what the Son of God wants to accomplish, is to immerse himself in humanity. People’s judgments are very forceful against a God who does this without fear of being “contaminated.” The Son of God immerses himself in the homes of sinners, in the exploited days of prostitutes. He is… Read more »