Biblical Animation Centers

Because the top priority of the Pauline apostolate is to promote and proclaim the Word of God,
we publish many different editions of the Bible and Gospels,
as well as multimedia aids for biblical formation.

For a number of years, two Pauline Biblical Centers have been organizing...

 coursesmeetingsand study sessions

  • Brazil
  • SAB  (Serviço de Animação Bíblica)
  • It is a Pauline sector whose mission is to awaken in people a passion for the Word of God and to contribute to their growth in the personal, communitarian, ecclesial and social dimensions through study, sharing and prayer aimed to deepen the experience and life in the Word.


  • Bible corrispondece course – Ut unum Sint
  • Ut Unum Sint can be found on the Pauline Internet web site under the heading VIRTUAL BIBLE UNIVERSITY, which offers online lessons, meditations and the chance for students to contribute their ideas.