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Pauline Publishing involves many different instruments and languages. Our 29 publishing houses in five continents promote the Faith both explicitly and implicitly, the latter through publications aimed at human promotion from a Christian perspective.

Books and the Bible

The Paulines publish books in different languages all over the world. In some countries the Bible is also translated in the local languages.



  • Familia Cristã 
  • An information magazine at the service of the entire family. It addresses issues such as work, life, leisure, sport, education and everything that makes up family life. Special attention is given to religious and spiritual topics.


  • The newspaper has a predominantly pastoral purpose. It accompanies the biblical-theological formation of catechists, cultivating the liturgical dimension of catechesis and encourages the catechumenal style.


  • A quarterly online magazine of Theology & Culture. Published in 2005, it aims to promote the dissemination and discussion of theology with philosophy, literature and religion.


  • Addressed mainly to the world of culture, current events, religion and education, the magazine promotes the exchange on topics such as diversity, peace, human rights, citizenship, coexistence, planet, life, religion and God.


  • SUPER+
  • A magazine geared to youth formation. In comic book format, it features the school calendar, it teaches new scientific experiments, it tells funny stories, it talks about ecology, behavior and religion, it stimulates reading and helps creativity.


  • Familia Cristiana  
  • A family magazine oriented at Christian values. Topics covered in the print edition are: formation, testimonials, micro-enterprises, music, health, food, education, the Sunday liturgy, the Bible, etc. Today, in digital format, it reaches the whole world.

Echoing the Word  
An Online magazine for Christian growth and development. The recipients are mainly religion teachers, catechists, parents, and all those who accompany the religious education of children. The contents range from education to catechesis, theology and the Bible, from spirituality to the liturgy

YAGOBE UMUL - Jacob's Well

A magazine for Biblical-Spiritual formation at the service of the Word and of the Korean Church. It aims to help the growth in the Christian faith that results from listening to the Word today, here and now.



  • A magazine for formation and methodology for catechists who, in the current globalized and multimedia society, offer directions and new ways to awaken the interest, to engage and to educate to the Faith the new generations and the families.
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  • A quarterly magazine aimed in particular to the family. It provides spiritual formation, updates on the church and on the Pauline world. It tells stories inspired Christian experiences and witnesses.


In many countries the Daughters of St. Paul are committed to create and offer audio and video productions of a religious, formative and educational character, through diverse platforms and media.

Radio e Television

In some nations radio and television programs are produced and aired on several stations at the national level. There are also fruitful collaborations with local TV and Radio stations.

Internet e Digital media

By engaging in a continuous exploration and research for new forms of apostolate, the Paulines have seen a great development in the digital world and the Internet. In this regard, many initiatives were launched like the Pauline Online stores, TV and radio stations on the Web, various digital productions like newsletters and magazines, apps, e-books, etc.

An example is the Pauline Contents of Korea, a gateway for authors and Catholic artists that promotes the sharing of skills and creative talents in the proclamation of the Gospel. All contents of this site can be downloaded for free and may be shared in social network pages.
You can know more about our mission, by visiting our 45 Pauline websites.


Paulinas WebTV

  • Brazil  
  • A new channel of communication in the digital realm. The aim is to bring on the computer screen, tablet or smartphone, the message of Jesus and the Christian values. There are four channels: culture, music, faith and vocation.

Paulinas WebRadio

  • Brazil  
  • 24 hours of beautiful music and good messages to touch the hearts of the listeners. It is an effective means of evangelization and prayer.

Paulines Online Radio

  • Philippines
  • Religious programs mainly devoted to religious themes: Bible, lives of saints, Eucharist and other important topics related to faith.

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