The "adopted" hometown of the Alberiones

Cherasco is the “adopted” hometown of the Alberiones: Michele, Teresa and their children moved there in 1886 and remained there until 1910.

“L’Agricola” in Montecapriolo
24 years of poverty, suffering and joy

James Alberione lived in this farmhouse, which was once the headquarters of an agricultural school (hence the name), until he entered the minor seminary at the age of 10. It was to this house that he returned on his summer vacations. Many of his early memories are tied to this place in which his hard-working family lived serenely but also in great poverty.

St. Martin Parish
The place of his Christian development

The life of the Alberione family centered around this parish. Its pastor, Fr. John Montersino, kept a close eye on young James and the development of his priestly vocation. It was in this church that the boy made his first communion and was confirmed. He also celebrated his first Mass here.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace
A place of prayer and tears

Also known as “The Sanctuary of the Little Madonna”, it was here that the mother of young James encouraged his devotion to the Blessed Mother. He would frequently visit the Sanctuary with her, with his brother Thomas and with other members of the family. As he grew older, he would often drop in alone for a visit to Our Lady.