Religion Today Film Festival: “The Beauty of Differences”

The Religion Today Film Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary this year from 14-21 Sept., with the aim of promoting independent cinema on spirituality and interreligious dialogue between cultures and faiths. The Festival, which opened in Trent, Italy with a...


FSP Contribution to World Day of Migrants and Refugees

After an interview with the world’s English-speaking countries, the Vatican Section for Migrants and Refugees chose the Daughters of St. Paul, India, under the...


Theme for World Communications Day 2023

“Speaking the truth in love: Veritatem facientes in caritate (Eph. 4:15)” is the theme of World Communications Day 2023. In the Vatican press release,...


The Economy of Pope Francis: For a Better World

About 1,000 young people gathered at Assisi from 22-24 September for the international meeting of the Pope’s 2019 initiative aimed at a renewal of...


Called to eternal life

Erminia – Maria Gemma PRIANTE

Name: Erminia - Maria Gemma
Last Name: PRIANTE
Luogo di nascita: SOLARO DI GOTTOLENGO
Nazione di nascita: Italia
Data di nascita: 30/06/1934
Data entrata: 05/09/1951
Data prima professione: 19/03/1955
Data professione perpetua: 19/03/1960
Comunita: Brescia
Data di morte: 02/10/2022
Luogo di morte: Ospedale di Verduno (Cuneo)

Rosa Angela – Maria Vittoria PRANDINI

Name: Rosa Angela - Maria Vittoria
Luogo di nascita: S. CESARIO SUL PANARO
Nazione di nascita: Italia
Data di nascita: 24/12/1939
Data entrata: 08/12/1962
Data prima professione: 30/06/1966
Data professione perpetua: 29/06/1972
Data di morte: 19/09/2022
Luogo di morte: Roma DP
Luogo di tumulazione: S. Cesario sul Panaro


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