An Experience of Faith

While grappling in faith with the problems that go hand in hand with a new foundation, the small FSP community of Alba suddenly found itself transplanted to Susa through the mysterious designs of God. Everything took place in just a few short weeks. Bishop Joseph Castelli of Susa wanted to resume publication of the diocesan weekly newspaper, The Valsusa, which had ceased publication due to a lack of personnel. He asked Fr. Alberione to send some of his young followers to take over the management and printing of the paper. On his part, Fr. Alberione saw this as "a God-sent chance to do good".

The young women left for Susa on 18 December 1918. Once there, the little community made great strides in the apostolate, study, prayer and the spiritual life. It was the townspeople of Susa who first began to call the small group the "Daughters of St. Paul". But several unfortunate circumstances led to the closure of the house in 1923. In the meantime, Sr. Thecla Merlo was appointed Superior of the Daughters of St. Paul.