Our trademark

On the special occasion of the 60th anniversary of the passing of co-founder Sister Thecla Merlo and the 30th anniversary of the Pauline trademark,
the Nova Opera Agency undertook the creation of the new Institutional logo and
the restyling of the Pauline Publishing trademark in 2024.
A modernized visual identity has been introduced for both the Daughters of Saint Paul
and Pauline Publishing aligning with our renewed commitment to proclaim
the Gospel as "innovators by vocation."

The publishing trademark

The latest version of the publishing trademark is a restyling of the Pauline trademark launched in 1994, which intends to continue to respond to the mission of Pauline Pubilshing: to speak to the men and women of today in a language that is up-to-date, simple, immediate and essential.

The stylized ellipse represents the world in which Paulines are called to proclaim the Gospel. Retaining the essence of the 1994 design, it now features an open and inclusive line. The blue color, in tandem with the elliptical movement, invokes the digital realm and electromagnetic waves, symbolizing the aspiration to be apostles of the 21st century.

The letter P, sporting the same distinctive red color as in 1994, represents the pastoral zeal of Paul— their model in living a life in Christ and the inspiration for their mission. Additionally, in certain languages, it represents the P of Word, Palabra, Palavra... to run and be disseminated globally.

Lastly, the inscription Pauline, positioned beneath the P, signifies the foundation and steadfastness, akin to the roots of a towering tree. This secure base allows the P of Paul and the Word of God to ascend, reaching out to the entire world.

The Institutional logo

The Institutional logo with the name Daughters of St. Paul encapsulates the deep connection that binds them to the Apostle of the Gentiles, so much so that they have earned the nickname 'Paulines' in many parts of the world. However, across diverse regions and languages, the name resonates in various forms.

This gave inspiration to depict the Congregation through a logo inspired by its emblem. The ellipse, shared with the Pauline trademark, represents the Congregation and the mission of evangelization. Deliberately open and inclusive, it embraces the Cross-Book, which evokes the emblem of the Daughters of St Paul, St Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles and the Word to be proclaimed.