We are united to God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

The “Pact” or “Secret of Success”

The original version of our well-known “Pact” was proposed by the Founder to the first young members of the Pauline Family at the beginning of 1919 and put into writing that same year. It was an explanation of the “promissory note” drawn up by Fr. Alberione. On one side of this “contract” with God was the Founder and newly-ordained Fr. Timothy Giaccardo; on the other side was the Holy Trinity so as to ensure that the new foundation would have the resources necessary to fulfill its purpose. The text of the Pact underwent many revisions and assumed its definitive form in the 1950’s. We post here the text published in the first edition of the Pauline Prayer Book (1922), along with the 1971 text by way of comparison.

Jesus Master, accept the pact that we present to you through the hands of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, and of our Father, St. Paul.    ...continue»