Prayer to the Queen of Apostles

I thank you, merciful Jesus,
for having given us Mary as our Mather.
And I thank you, Mary, for having given
to the world the Divine Master, Jesus,
Way and Truth and Life, and for having accepted us
all as your children on Calvary.
Your mission is united to that of Jesus,
who “came to seek those who lost.”
Therefore, oppressed by my sins, faults, and negligence, I hope.
Turn your eyes of mercy toward me. Bestow your most maternal
care upon this your most needy child.
I place all my trust in you for pardon, conversion and sanctity.
Form a new class among your children, that of the most needy:
those in whom sin has taken root, where formerly there abounded grace.
This will be the class that will most move you to pity.
Receive my poor soul into this class.
Work a great wonder by changing a great sinner into an apostle.
It will be an unheard of wonder,
and a new glory for your Son, Jesus;
and for you, his and my Mother.