In all our circumscriptions, we carry out animation activities in the course of our apostolate and also for specific occasions to foster the formation of pastoral workers, communicators and all those to whom we direct our message.
So as to serve the Church and society, the Daughters of St. Paul have also set up a number of evangelization and media education centers:

  Serviço a Pastoral da Comunicaçao (SEPAC) – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  Centro de Comunicacion social Paulinas – Bogota, Colombia

  Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia (PICA) – Pasay (Manila), Philippines

  Paulinas OTEC: Organismo Tecnico de Capacitacion – Santiago, Chile

– Pauline Center for Media Studies – Los Angeles (California), United States

– Media Spirituality Center – Seoul, Korea

  Centri di cultura e comunicazione – Italy