Pauline prayers

I bless you, Jesus

I bless you, Jesus for having given to St. Paul a heart so full of love for God and for the Church, and for having saved so many souls through his zeal. And you, our friend, obtain for me an ardent desire to carry out the apostolate of the media of social communication, of prayer,… Read more »

Prayer to St. Paul the Apostle

Holy Apostle who, will your teachings and with your charity, have taught the entire world, look kindly upon us, your children and disciples. We expect everything from your prayers to the Divine Master and Mary, Queen of the Apostle. Grant, Doctor of the Gentiles, that we may live by faith, save ourselves by hope, and that… Read more »

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The Pact

Secret of Success

Jesus Master, accept the pact that we present to you through the hands of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, and of our Father, St. Paul. We must correspond to your sublime will, arrive at the degree of perfection and heavenly glory to which you have destined us, and perform the apostolate of social communication in… Read more »

Prayer to the Queen of Apostles

I thank you, merciful Jesus, for having given us Mary as our Mather. And I thank you, Mary, for having given to the world the Divine Master, Jesus, Way and Truth and Life, and for having accepted us all as your children on Calvary. Your mission is united to that of Jesus, who “came to… Read more »

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The Beatitudes of the Daughters of St. Paul

Blessed are the footsteps of her who proclaims the Gospel, the Good News of peace. Blessed are the handmaids of the Church, for they possess the heart of this Mother. Blessed are the walkers of God, who in the mystic silence of the convent study the ways of the world, and on the morrow walk… Read more »

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