We want to be faithful communicators of the Word

Lord of all our hopesYou are the Living One who conquered death,And sent your Spirit to renew all things.You guide the way of all men and womenWho journey through historyAnd sustain the commitment of all thoseWho participate in the creative workOf renewing the universe.We offer you, LordThe joys and successes of all your children,Committed in… Read more »

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit for all Communicators

Lord, we contemplate your newborn Church,germinated in the silence and prayer of the Upper Room,where the Apostles, with Mary the Mother of Jesus,raised their voices in prayer to the Spirit.Beg him to descend on all Communicators,and as the days go by, grant that we toomay grow in wisdom, spiritual maturity,prudence, sound judgment, virtue, grace and… Read more »