Brazilian Foundress of Pastoral Care for Children Dies in Haitian Quake

Doctor Zilda Arns, foundress and coordinator of the Brazilian humanitarian service known as Catholic Pastoral Care for Poor Children, was killed in the violent earthquake that struck the capital of Haiti and its environs this past Tuesday. She had arrived in Haiti a week earlier to participate in a series of meetings on the subject… Read more »

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In the Spirit of Bethlehem

At the end of 2009, the FSPs of Macau organized a get-together with their collaborators and friends to thank the Lord with them for all the apostolic activities they were able to carry out together over the past year. After a Eucharistic Celebration in both Chinese and English, the sisters presented a brief power point… Read more »

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Information 1

Continental Meeting for Redesining Our Presences in Europe-Canada/Quebec

Rome, 18 January 2010 Dearest Sisters,             We have reached the halfway point of our Continental Meeting, aimed at redesigning our presences in Europe and Canada/Quebec. Our activities are posted each day on our website, but we would like to summarize those news flashes for you in this information bulletin and thus provide you… Read more »

Message of the General governments of the Pauline Family 2010

XXVIII Meeting of the General Governments of the Pauline FamilyAriccia, Italy 7-10 January 2010 Dear Sisters and Brothers,            This year too we received the gift of being able to get together at Ariccia for the annual meeting of the General Governments of the Pauline Family–an appointment that prolonged in time the wealth of the Pauline Year… Read more »

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New Attacks Against Christian Churches

Bishops plead: ?Defuse integralism?

Today there was another attack against a Christian building in Malaysia: the temple of Sidang Injil Borneo, located in the central state of Negri Sembilan. Yesterday, four other places of worship or religious institutions were targeted by Muslim fundamentalists. Since 8 January, nine Christian buildings in all have been fire-bombed. The chain of violence was triggered… Read more »

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Russian Federation
Getting to know young people in Moscow

In the last few months, our FSP missionaries in Russia have been meeting young Russian Catholics through their participation in the monthly youth gatherings organized by Archbishop Paolo Pezzi of Moscow. The encounters have not only given our sisters several opportunities to speak about the Pauline mission to young people but also resulted in an invitation… Read more »

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Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Gift of the Priestly Life

To celebrate the Year for Priests, Pauline Editions of the Ivory Coast has published the book ?Eloigne-toi du rivage? (?Leave the Shore Behind?) by Fr. Paulin Degni Kongo, a Patrology professor at the Catholic University of West Africa. The book is a collection of the author?s reflection on the gift of the priestly life, on… Read more »

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Montevideo, Uruguay
Presentation of the “Bioethics” Trilogy at the 31st International Book Fair

The FSPs of Uruguay, who participated in Montevideo’s 31st International Book Fair held from 9-14 October, took advantage of the occasion to present their “Bioethics” trilogy (Fundamental of Bioethics, Bioethics and the Beginning of Life, and Bioethics and the End of Life) by Fr. Omar França Tarrago. After recalling his mother, who as a true teacher… Read more »

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