Youth Camp 2019


To commemorate the Vocation Year of the Pauline Family and the Year of Youth currently underway in the Church in the Philippines, the FSP juniors, novices, postulants, pre- postulants and aspirants, together with their formators, conducted a 3-day Youth Camp in the parish of Nuestra Señora delas Saleras in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. The event was organized in collaboration with the parish youth ministry and reinforced by five seminarians and one priest from the Society of St. Paul.

Thanks to the support of the parish priest and a number of parish organizations, around 120 young people participated in the Camp, including youth groups from neighboring parishes.

The 3-day agenda included prayer and worship activities, Lectio divina, and a variety of input on faith, the media and evangelization. Space was also dedicated to discernment and counselling sessions, as well as to strengthening the role of young people in society today. Some of the participants said that they were very grateful for this chance to interact with “real” people (as opposed to virtual connections), and that the experience helped them realize their importance in the Church and in society at large.