World Communications Day


About 55 participants from 19 Catholic schools and Institutions in the Archdiocese of Mumbai attended a Symposium organized by the Daughters of St. Paul for principals and teachers to mark Communications Sunday. An intellectual and experience-based sharing took place on two relevant topics: World Communications Day 2019 theme: From Social Network Communities to the Human Community and Male and Female He Created Them: Toward a Path of Dialogue and the Question of Gender Theory in Education.

Three panelists, all experts in their respective media fields, dealt with the topics: Media Influence on Students and Teachers on the Issues on Human Sexuality; Media Influence on Gender Divide and Related Issues; and Leading Students from Virtual Communities by Proportionate Use of the Media.

The group discussions that followed gave the participants the chance to freely and informally express their ideas, issues and concerns on the subjects treated. The principals and teachers resolved to take seriously the need to organize courses in their schools aimed at helping their students understand sex and sexuality in a holistic manner, instead of leaving them at the mercy of unreliable media sources, especially social media.

The entire program was moderated by a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who summarized the topics, guided the panel discussion with relevant interventions, and provided a well-collated conclusion.