Valladolid: The 2nd Spiritual Film Week

From March 1st to the 5th, in Valladolid la The 2nd Spiritual Film Week is being celebrated. It is an initiative of pastoral care for young people whose prinicpal objective is to introduce human and spiritual values with the opportunity offered by cinema as the starting point.
At this activity, works will be presented that, offering a perspective of the great human questions of death, liberty, love, justice and truth, meet face to face with the deep mystery of human reality, and questions itself on the relationship with God.
The theme chosen for 2010 is Those Who Still Have Hope. It is not just useful to hope; it is necessary. In challenging times, human beings need stories that speak to them of the victory of light over darkness, and of good over the shadows and evil.
During the opening ceremony, the film Paul of Tarsus, the Last Voyage, which was co-produced by San Pablo Multimedia and Contracorriente Productions was presented.
With the six films chosen (Son of Rambo; Gran Torino; La ola; La vida secreta de las abejas; El valiente Despereaux; Slumdog Millionaire) the morning sessions will be presented to students and professors, and the afternoon sessions will be open to alll categories of viewers.