The hundred years of Sister M. Adriana Manera


We want to share the best wishes sent to Sr. Adriana by her community in Alba.

“Dear Sister Maria Adriana, with joy we participate in your Centenary on May 19, 2024.
We bid you best wishes on behalf of all the Daughters of Saint Paul in Italy and around the world.
With you we thank the Lord for the wonders he has accomplished in your 100 years of life.

At Baptism they called you Maria Paolina. You were 10 years old when you entered the congregation in Alba on 4 August 1934. You found many joyful young women, eager for good, like the name of your village Bonvicino (good neighbor), sisters who helped you grow and overcome your innate shyness. At the school of the theologian James Alberione and Maestra Thecla Merlo, you were enriched with knowledge, as well as spiritual and apostolic goals.

In Alba, on Corso Piave 71, the Divine Master church was under construction and the Divine Providence house was full of joyful teenagers. The St. Joseph House vibrated with apostolic initiatives. Adriana, you had become a technical expert, and specialist in book binding. These years were also lived amidst fears and problems but, once the war was over, many young people came from every region of Italy to learn about the new Institute, the new form of apostolate using the instruments of social communication.

In 1985 you began your service to the sick sisters in Rome and Alba, a service of love, which lasted over 30 years.

In 1999, always grateful to God for the vocation you received, you wrote: Thank you, Lord, for the life you gave me, for the humble and poor father and mother who loved me so much… Thank you for choosing me by coming to look for me in my village, just as I looked for violets in the middle of the hedges, you picked me before I even bloomed… Thank you, you accompanied me through life, leaving me free, yet you always following me with your gaze and with your hand so I wouldn’t make mistakes. Thank you, for the good that perhaps I was able to give and receive. I still have many things to understand and learn. Thank you, because you filled me with your love, and now I am able to receive it and give it. Thank you, until my last breath: Lord, I abandon myself in you!

Sr Maria Adriana, in chorus we say our thanks to you for your entire life: you were an example to us, your services were always accompanied by spiritual motives, courage and prayer. You were close to us: lovable, sweet, simple, good, like the Langhe hills of the town where Buonvicino is situated.”