Czech Republic
The Daughters of St. Paul on TV


On 24 April, the national broadcasting station of the Czech Republic aired a half-hour documentary on the Daughters of St.

Paul as a part of its cycle of short films on the religious life. The film includes scenes of different aspects of the Pauline life: the profession of Andrea (the documentary opens with an interview with Andrea?s father), the publishing and distribution apostolates and the book center.

The camera also takes viewers behind the scenes into the community, filming the sisters at prayer, recreation, with young people and carrying out various activities in the parishes. The Dean of the Faculty of Theology, the narrator of the documentary, recounts the history of the Institute of the Daughters of St. Paul and its special charism in the Church.

Given the fact that the Czech Republic is an atheist country, it is surprising how much time the national TV station allotted the documentary and above all the interest the cycle of films on the religious life is rousing in the public.

The entire program can be accessed online. Anyone interested can click