The Daughters of St. Paul in Africa and Madagascar


Presentation by Sr. Teresa Marcazzan

English edition 2018

“The book, The Daughters of St. Paul in Africa, tells the story of the many sisters of various nationalities who, since 1958, have joyfully carried out the Pauline mission in Africa and Madagascar. The desire was to publish the text on the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul. The people who were asked to contribute to the project responded enthusiastically by sending in their testimonials and photos, but for various reasons the English edition came out a few years later, in 2018. Subsequently, many sisters, collaborators and friends who wished to know the history of the development of our mission in Africa and Madagascar asked that the book be translated into Italian. My return to Italy was the perfect occasion to undertake this further work of translation, revision and updating (at least as far as the main developments of these last years are concerned), also thanks to the collaboration of our FSP missionaries who had already returned to Italy.

“This long and laborious work is certainly still limited, but with the grace of God it has reached our hands ‘fresh and smiling.’ The text takes the reader on a wonderful journey to all our foundations in Africa, including our brief time in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. This very interesting and moving trip enables us to relive and relish the enthusiasm we experienced throughout these years, in the hope that the text will motivate many young women to dedicate their lives to God and to the Pauline mission.

“The stories collected in this volume about our life in Africa can serve to inspire the girls we meet, awaken a dream in them, point out to them a new path to follow, and increase their desire to get to know the Daughters of St. Paul better.

“These pages bring to the fore many FSP missionaries who were sent in the name of the Congregation to ‘offer the charity of truth’ to people in distant lands and who, thanks to the Divine Master, enriched our Institute’s life and mission on this continent with their generous and joyful presence.

“A special thanks to everyone who collaborated in the realization of this work, as well as to our Superiors, to the Thecla Merlo community of Albano, Italy, and to all those who want to make this beautiful story known to others!”

    • Text: 384 pages, enriched with many pictures.
    • Graphics: Sergia Ballini, fsp.
    • Printed by Arti Grafiche Cuneo.