Spiritual Itinerary for the Pauline Family

In keeping with what is by now an 11-year-old tradition, the team of Pauline brothers and sisters in charge of animating the spiritual exercises programmed for the Pauline Family in Italy gathered at the Divine Master House in Ariccia, Italy from 2-10 November to make their own course of spiritual exercises in preparation for their upcoming activities in the new year.
The retreat’s 39 participants lived a powerful experience of communion with Jesus Master and among themselves, in harmony with Blessed James Alberione’s recommendation to be one in spirit (cf. AD 34-35). Before beginning this time of silence and recollection under the guidance of Fr. Fabrizio Pieri, isg, the group lived a preparatory stage in the form of a videoconference with Fr. Giacomo Perego, ssp.
The spiritual itinerary of the PF for 2011, which looks ahead to the celebration of the Centenary of the foundation of the Pauline Family, centers on the theme: Identity: Discerning the Plan of God in the Complexity of History in the Light of the Acts of the Apostles. The guidebook for this itinerary is available in Italian and can be downloaded from the website.