Song for the Year of the Bible


The Central Commission for the Year of the Bible has decided to accompany this event of the Pauline Family with four songs that promote different musical styles and tastes from various parts of the world. The authors of the songs are musicians of the Pauline Family.

The first of the four songs was composed by Sr. Verônica Firmino, a Brazilian Daughter of St. Paul, who released the song simultaneously in four languages: Portuguese, Italian, English and Spanish. Sisters from other countries and continents were involved in this initiative: Sr. Anne Nikki Ramos (Spain), Sr. Veronica Bernasconi (Italy), Sr. Emily Beata Marsh (United States).

The interpretation of the Portuguese version is by Karla Fioravante, the musical arrangement by Renato Palão, the recordings were made with the help of FSP collaborators in Brazil, and the connection between Italy and Brazil was realized by Sr. Rosa Maria Ramalho and Sr. Ana Paula Ramalho.

Thanks to all these people and their valuable collaboration in the realm of music, the Word has already begun its “race” for the Year of the Bible and we hope that it will continue its journey throughout the world, beyond the Pauline Family.