Remembering Fr. Bartolomeo Sorge, sj


The Daughters of St. Paul remember with affection and gratitude Fr. Bartolomeo Sorge, sj, who was called to heaven today. A person of profound faith, deeply in love with Mary, “Mother of Divine Grace,” a keen and forthright observer of ecclesial and civil life, he was for the Daughters of St. Paul a wise teacher, sure guide and dear friend.

The words he addressed to us on the Centenary of our foundation (1915-2015) remain in our hearts:

Sisters, I don’t want to frighten you, but look at the big task you have ahead of you! The dynamic fidelity of the Daughters of St. Paul to humanity and its history will be to ensure that, through communication, the intercultural and interreligious dialogue currently underway reaches everyone.
More than a goal, a Centenary is the beginning of a new season. This is what I would like to leave you as a fond memory, because we have known each other for many years now and we esteem each other. Therefore, while thanking and praise the Lord for the graces he has poured out on you and for the amazing things you have accomplished in these decades, let us ask the Queen of Apostles, the Mother of the Pauline Family, to guide you toward the great things that Pope Francis, the Church and the contemporary world expect of you.

Thank you, Father Bartolomeo, for honoring us with your esteem and friendship. We will continue to feel you close to us. You are in our prayers and grateful memory.

May you rest in peace!