Reaching People Where They Live and Work


“That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex. 10:2): Life Becomes History–this is the theme of the 54th World Communications Day, which will be celebrated on 24 May.

This year too, the event found the FSPs and SSPs of Italy eager to organize initiatives aimed at helping people get to know the importance of storytelling, memories and the human, cultural and pastoral value of communication, in response to the Holy Father’s rich Message for the Day.

However, the global health emergency triggered by Covid-19, including the closure of book stores and the many restrictions and bans imposed as a result of the pandemic, compelled a change of programming. But this did not mean surrender!

In fact, the members of the SdC Commission (SSPs and FSPs) immediately decided to take advantage of the technological wealth offered by the various platforms available today to create small videos through which to give the floor to various people (representatives of institutes, journalists, authors, teachers, leaders in the communications field) who could highlight from their points of view or spheres of competence the many facets of the Pope’s Message. And that’s what happened!

Thus both Communications Week and its culmination in World Communications Day will take place this year too, with events organized in different ways, naturally: all broadcast online and via streaming on the Pauline WCD website and social media:

Facebook:      @SettimanadellaComunicazione
YouTube:        settcomunicazione

Starting 4 May, with the opening address of Sr. Anna Caiazza, Superior General of the Daughters of St. Paul, various voices are alternating throughout the month to reach and accompany many people with proposals for reflection and words of encouragement and hope.

Living in the digital world, in contact with the anxieties, hopes and expectations of billions of interconnected people, is for us, as our 11th General Chapter reminded us, a commitment to “respond to the demands of the new evangelization in fidelity to our teaching ministry.” We want to be up to the challenge!