Opera Omnia 1955

Our FSP International Secretariat for Spirituality has just published its latest volume of Primo Maestro?s Opera Omnia. Entitled “Alle Figlie di San Paolo-1955”, it contains, as the title indicates, the transcribed texts of the Founder’s conferences to the Daughters of St. Paul in 1955?a year in which Fr. Alberione invited all Paulines to “get to know, imitate and pray to the Divine Master” with particular fervor.
During this period, one of the most fruitful of his life, Fr. Alberione felt that the Daughters of St. Paul needed a more profound spiritual and professional formation. Well aware of the fact that an Institute?s greatest ?good? is its members, he said: ?May your Congregation be blessed with members who are always more ?Pauline? in mind, heart and will. The greatest ?wealth? of the Congregation is members with beautiful, apostolic hearts!?
In his conferences, Fr. Alberione speaks very enthusiastically about the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul: ?So what does the Lord want you to do? He has called you to take the Word of God to the world, like St. Paul, according to your condition?. It is a mission similar to that of Mary: to give Jesus Christ to the world. It is a virginal mission?the greater your purity, the more effective you will be. It is a mission of love?. It is a mission that has no boundaries because its boundaries are those of the world.?
The pages of this book can cast light on our journey of redesigning our presences throughout the world and can also help us prepare to celebrate the centenary of the birth of our Congregation and of the Pauline Family. They can lead us to genuine ?rebirth,? founded on the faith characteristic of our beginnings?a time during which our first sisters and brothers saw nothing with regard to the future but nevertheless firmly believed in the words of the Founder.