Online Biblical Mission


From 30 August to 5 September 2021, our FSP Province of Southern America held an online Bible Mission on the theme, The Proclamation of the Kingdom. This initiative of the Pauline Biblical Year, in which the whole circumscription participated, was prepared by Sr. Noelia Toro and Sr. Claudia Carrano of Argentina, with technical support provided by Cana, an Argentine Catholic institution.

A number of our sisters from Chile and Argentina contributed content to the online sessions: Sr. Noelia Toro; Sr. María Teresa Gajardo; Sr. Paulina Lorca; Sr. Mariela Pizarro; Sr. Emmanuela; Sr. Virginia Romero and Sr. Romina Baumgratz.

More than 70 people from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and other Latin American countries participated in the event. In keeping with the programming of the Mission, the meetings were guided by the speakers on the theme of the day. Each reflection was oriented by biblical texts concerning the proclamation of the Kingdom: the call to proclaim, the healings of the sick, the Sermon on the Mount, the Gospel of the family, parables of the Kingdom, and the mandate to carry out the biblical mission.

The experience, which the participants said they found very positive, enabled many of the sisters of the circumscription to put their talents to good use and filled them with great enthusiasm to continue the Pauline mission online.