Czech Republic
Notes of an “(In)capable!” Pastor

During the Year of the Priest, Paulínky Editions offered, along with other publications, a book on the life of Father Benedict, ofm, who was a very popular spritual guide. This is his personal testimony, his own edited personal diary, entitled: Zápisky (ne) zku?eného faráre (Notes of an (In)capable Pastor).
These notes were begun during the period when the country was under communisim, and Father Benedict carried out his ministry to the Church of Silence. They continue with his reception of official authorization for his ministry, but always under the strict control of the Police. They are intimate notes about his life, and his difficulties are not covered over. In the way he lived his daily life, the author manifests his trust, simplicity, fidelity and love for his neighbor – even those who persecuted him.
The presentation of this new book sparked a great interest, and 200 people attended the book launch. Pages selected from the book were read by the famous Christian actor R. Kviz and were accompanied by the music of Du?tovi, a young musician couple. The last selection was read by the author himself, who then was available to autograph copies.
Father Benedict has already published, with Paulinky Editions, a book on the Eucharist. This is fruit of our collaboration and fraternal relationship with the Franciscans of Prague. With generosity, these Fathers have also offered the Daughters of St.Paul a location for a new Book and Media Center.