New Logo for The Pauline Bible Institute


Ever since the Ut Unum Sint Center opened in Korea in 1978, its main focus has been on Bible study by correspondence, which is why it was called The Bible Correspondence Institute.

In 2011, the Institute launched an e-learning Bible Study course to provide an easy way to study the Bible anytime, anywhere, via a PC or mobile device. Recently, to attract more students, the school’s name was changed to The Pauline Bible Institute and a new logo was created for it: one that is simple, easy to understand, brightly-designed and inviting, while maintaining the same website address: uus.pauline.or.kr. Through this Institute, it is possible to systematically study the entire Bible over a 6-year period.

The content, which has been enriched with animated lessons, will make it easier for students to understand the sacred texts. Additional help is available through the 1-on-1 tutorials that accompany the lessons.

One of the programs of the Institute is entitled Bible Study for Rebirth, which offers a new series of YouTube videos in various areas, such as Preparing Food in Biblical Times, hosted by Sr. Ilma Yun, fsp (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBiD6RF7QmM). Before demonstrating how to prepare these foods, Sr. Ilma presents the customs, lifestyle and meaning associated with food in the biblical culture.