Live Events on Facebook


In this time of Covid-19, the Press Office of the FSP Italian province, in synergy with social networks and the managers of the circumscription’s editorial sector, organized three events live on the Pauline Facebook page:

A meeting with Father Gaetano Piccolo, sj, the new dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical Gregorian University, who discussed his latest book: Nascere di nuovo. Un itinerario di guarigione (To Be Born Again: an itinerary of healing), in which he proposes a nine-step path to “rebirth.” The text is a spiritual journey to help people take their lives in hand again when they are wounded and without hope. “What counts,” writes Fr. Gaetano, “is not to come to a standstill, but to realize, instead, that it is always possible to take a new path. No matter where we went off track or how lost we may feel, the good news is that we can start again; we can always be born again.”

An encounter with Pierpaolo Piangiolino, author of the novel Jaap e la collina dei sogni (Jaap and the Hill of Dreams), a modern fable about hope, dreams and resilience, for all those who never stop believing in their ideals and know how to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Time out for Music: Antonella Mattei presents her Balla tutta la foresta (The Whole Forest Dances), a project featuring giraffes, monkeys, parrots and other forest animals. The work consists of playful and rhythmic texts, much loved by children, which teachers and animators can use for entertainment and psychomotor education.

The live broadcasts were viewed with great interest and participation, confirming once again that the world of social media opens new frontiers to the Pauline apostolate.