Leadership and Youth Ministry


Eighteen superiors and seven members of the provincial government of our Philippines-Malaysia-PNG-Thailand (PMPT) Province participated in the circumscription’s annual Seminar for Superiors, held this year in concomitance with the celebration of the Pauline Family’s Vocation Year (2019-2020) and the conclusion of the Year of Youth in the Philippines (2019). The theme of the Seminar was: Arise, Lead and Serve.

Several speakers were invited to share their thoughts on topics related to the theme and guide the participants toward a deeper understanding of their ministry.

The group also re-examined the Manual for Superiors: Norms for the Exercise of Government (FSP Generalate, 1992) and listened to input concerning two FSP International Meetings, the first on formation and the second on the apostolate-economy.

A variety of subjects were discussed on the last day, among them: the apostolate, economy, formation and lay collaborators.