In Christ Jesus: Spiritual Itinerary for the Pauline Family 2021


The Spirituality Team of the Pauline Family in Italy has prepared a Spiritual Itinerary for the PF for 2021. In keeping with the current triennium’s second year, which addresses the “wheel” of piety/holiness, the Itinerary focuses on the journey of prayer sketched out by St. Paul and Blessed James Alberione. In Christ Jesus: St. Paul and Fr. James Alberione–Teachers of Prayer, the theme of the spiritual exercises programmed for this year, is developed in consonance with two very significant ecclesial events. The first is the Special Year dedicated to Laudato si’, which in 2021 celebrates its fifth anniversary of promulgation, in the hope that communal reflection and prayer will help to create and strengthen constructive attitudes for safeguarding creation. The second is the Pauline Family’s Year of the Bible, viewed as a further opportunity to conform our whole life to the Word of God. The biblical section of the Itinerary was written by Fr. Agatino Gugliara, ssp, while the charismatic section on prayer in the thought of the Founder was written by Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, fsp.