“Day of Remembrance”


27 January, the day on which the walls of the Auschwitz extermination camp were breached to reveal to the world the horrors it contained, is today memorialized as “Remembrance Day.”

On this day, we remember the persecution of the Jewish people so as to disseminate, especially among the younger generations, the desire for solidarity, peaceful coexistence and a respect for freedom and human dignity. The Daughters of St. Paul of Italy have always published books aimed at keeping alive the memory of this sad page of human history in order to help bring to an end the many atrocities that continue to plague contemporary society.

Among these publications, we can cite one of the newest: a book for children entitled, “The Little Girl on the Train.” The Presentation of the book says: “It is hard to find adequate words to explain the Holocaust to young people, just as it is hard to offer them suitable pictures of it. But this book, with its clear language and moving illustrations, succeeds admirably in doing this. In my mind’s eye I can still see that little girl standing at the train window, waving goodbye.”