Communications Week and Festival


The 17th edition of Communications Week was held from 21-29 May this year. The initiative, organized by the FSPs and SSPs to bring the theme of World Communications Day to the attention of the general public each year, promotes the values expressed by the Pope in the Message he publishes for this occasion.

Designed to make the Church’s apostolate more effective through the use of the instruments of social communication, the celebration of this week filled the days leading up to the Feast of the Ascension with a series of cultural events held on the national level and aimed at many different categories of people so as to “meet them where they can be found,” as the Pope said in last year’s Message.

The annual Communications Festival, the biggest event of Communications Week, was held in the diocese of Rieti this year. Many guests and media professionals enlivened the program with their input, linking everything to the theme, Listening with the Ear of the Heart, proposed by Pope Francis for this year’s World Communications Day.