Christmas Festival


In order to help the families of Faisalabad prepare for Christmas, the Daughters of St. Paul of the Tecla Merlo community located in the diocese organized times of faith-sharing and Christmas caroling during the Advent season.

The sisters led the prayer encounters for the first three weeks of Advent, while the last week was led by the bishop’s community. The faithful were all very eager to prepare for the events and then participate in them.

Different families helped to prepare the Advent wreath and the children took turns lighting its candles. All the families showed great love and acceptance toward each other at each prayer encounter and the children joined the adults wholeheartedly in singing, reading the excerpts from the Bible and writing the intercessory prayers. Each session ended with a beautiful sharing of faith on the Gospel of the day.

During the third week of Advent, the children of the participating families sang Christmas carols at the local train station and helped to distribute sweets to the smallest children in the groups that stopped to enjoy the music. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and everyone warmly thanked the Daughters of St. Paul and above all Baby Jesus, who was welcomed into every family, bringing them his peace and joy.