Children’s Day in Binondo


On 9 Dec 2018, the Juniors of the Pauline Family held a catechetical day for the children of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Parish in Camba, a poor area of Binondo, the “Chinatown” of Manila. The Juniors were warmly welcomed by the parish priest, the families of the parish, and over 100 children who enthusiastically participated in the different activities programmed.

The day began with a prayer and a getting-acquainted session, after which the children were grouped according to age for catechism lessons.

The event was made fun for the children by means of games and an abundance of gifts, school supplies and delicious food. The children thoroughly enjoyed the creative catechism lessons and manifested their appreciation by means of their wholehearted participation in them, reinforced by their request to repeat this particular initiative in the near future.