Biblical Itinerary


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Catholic edition of the Bible in Romanian, the Daughters of St. Paul of Bucharest say they will continue the journey they have been pursuing in the past years with the laity on the subject of the Pauline spirituality.

In fact, they recently launched a program of in-depth biblical encounters on the theme, ֹLet’s Read the Holy Scriptures.

By way of introduction to this theme, the meetings held in February, March and April 2023 broke the subject down into three stages: What Is the Bible? Why Read the Bible? and How To Read the Bible. The conferences were guided by Fr. Lucian Dinca, an Assumptionist priest, who is a professor at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology in Bucharest and the author of two books for Pauline Editions. The catechetical sessions, presented from the biblical perspective and enriched with the teachings of the Church Fathers, aroused great interest in the participants, who participated in them enthusiastically.

Each encounter consisted of three moments: a conference, a Eucharistic Celebration and a time of fraternity and sharing.

The FSPs of Bucharest are eager to continue their journey with the laity along the paths of the Bible, helping the participants to read, meditate on and pray with the Scriptures in order to get to know Jesus better, love him, and be transformed by him.