South Africa: South Africa
A New Delegation Begins Its Journey


From 28-31 December, Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General, and Sr. Samuela Gironi, General Councilor, met with the FSP communities of South Africa and Mozambique to initiate the Congregation’s Southern African Delegation, which will consist of these communities.

The sixteen members of the new delegation come from Africa, Asia, Europe and America. During the encounter, guest speakers helped our sisters broaden their horizons concerning the socio-political and ecclesial situations of these two countries and of the whole Congregation. The great desire of the African people for the truth and for God and the presence of Mozambican vocations are great incentives to our sisters to expand the boundaries of their evangelization activities.

They hope that the doors the Lord is opening for their new delegation will be characterized by fraternal love, mutual respect and collaboration among themselves so that, as “Paul alive today,” they will be able to reach even the remotest parts of southern Africa in a more organized and effective way.