A Light for our Path


On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Prima Maestra Tecla Merlo (February 20, 1894), a book was published entitled: A Light for our Path.

This is the publication of the personal notes that Maestra Tecla wrote from December 1926 to the month of June, 1928. The text, under the care of the participants of the Hermeneutical Seminar held at the Generalate last autumn, invites us to mirror our lives in the life of our dearest Prima Maestra, as a response to the continual exhortation of our Founder: “Every Daughter of St. Paul should mirror in her own life the life and virtues of the Mother and Prima Maestra Tecla, imitating her… She was a docile instrument in the hands of God”.

These spiritual notes, are a testimony of the persevering progress of Maestra Tecla in her commitment to gradually remove all trust in herself so that she might “throw herself totally onto the Mercy of God” and her constant effort to keep to the road to sanctity, the sole and essential condition for necessary for efficacy in evangelization carried out with the means of social communication.