A letter from our Faisalabad community


With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the whole world has suddenly changed. In Pakistan, the people, who are already poor, are now becoming poorer. In this tragic time, many of them are turning to God but there are also many who are losing their faith.

We Daughters of St. Paul do not want to close our hearts in this painful and difficult situation. In spite of the fact that we cannot open our media centers or visit parishes and schools, God has provided us with the fastest means to reach many souls with the Word of God so we are continuing our apostolate through the multimedia.

We started recording the daily Gospel with the encouragement of Bishop Indrias Rehmat, the help of many priests who share their reflections in Urdu, and the support of some lay people. This program is uploaded daily on WhatsApp. Many individuals appreciate the beautiful and meaningful reflections and are very grateful for the chance to listen to God’s Word daily in the local language.

As our father St. Paul says, we should not be afraid of anything because nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

With thoughts and prayers for all of you, the Faisalabad Community