58th World Day of Communications


In view of the 58th World Day of Communications, which was celebrated on the solemnity of the Ascension of our Lord, the Society of Saint Paul and the Daughters of Saint Paul of the Philippines organized a conference on the theme: Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of the Heart: Towards fully human communication. The meeting was held at the Alberione Auditorium of the Daughters of Saint Paul which welcomed the participation of over 200 students, ministers of social communications from the parishes, religious and seminarians. The event was broadcast live via the Facebook page created for the occasion. The program began with a choir leading everyone in prayer and worship, asking the Lord’s graces for a fruitful and meaningful celebration of the 58th World Day of Communications. The Holy Bible was enthroned, signifying the presence of the living Word of God, who spoke and guided the participants in the day’s activities.

The interactive program conducted by three priests of the Society of Saint Paul and a Daughter of Saint Paul was an opportunity to delve deeper and reflect on the relationship between faith and AI, recognizing that AI is a marvel of human genius that reflects the genius of God. While the Church welcomes and recognizes modern technologies as gifts from God, it also recognizes the need for discernment, reflection and balance in the use of these gifts.