Opening of the Diocesan Process for the Canonization of Antonietta Gaudalupi, Annunciationist


8 January 2020 was a special day for the Annunciationists of the Pauline Family because it marked the opening of the Diocesan process for the Canonization of Antonietta Guadalupi (1947-2001), an Annunciationist who worked for many years at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy.

Antonietta was vivacious and creative woman who dedicated her life to one of the first top-quality facilities for the care of cancer–a real novelty in the 1980’s in Italy, which at that time did not have many structures able to provide this type of service. Antonietta was able to communicate with others in an interpersonal way that fostered genuine communion with the many people she met. It is precisely these people who bear witness to her reputation for holiness, the good they received from her and the graces she obtained for them as a gift from the Lord….

Numerous members of the faithful and many members of the Pauline Family participated in opening of the process, held in the Brindisi Cathedral and presided over by Archbishop Domenico Caliandro of Brindisi-Ostuni.

We thank the Holy Trinity for the gift of Antonietta and for how she interpreted the Pauline charism in the footsteps of Blessed James Alberione, who consecrated his whole life to God and to the people of the new century.