IIAE2018-Information n.2



Rome, 1 October 2018

Intense work continues for the variegated group of Daughters of St. Paul that has gathered in Rome from all world’s continents to reflect together, compare ideas and seek common guidelines for the future of the FSP publishing apostolate. The sisters are receiving a flood of deeplyappreciated messages from all our different communities. One of these was sent by the members of our Motherhouse in Alba, Italy–the place where our Institute was born and which is home to a large number of FSPs who, though advanced in age, are still young at heart. Their note reads:

“We are participating in this event through our prayers, self-offering and the acceptance of our situation of limitations and physical sufferings, convinced of the effective action of the Spirit, due to the apostolic passion we bear in our hearts. Our thanks to each of you for the gift you represent: that of searching, fidelity and hope for the future of our Pauline mission.”

In these days, the participants in the Encounter focused on the content and recipients of their specific mission in contemporary society, examining the identity of the FSP editor according to the spirit of their Founder, Blessed James Alberione. The challenges are many and the sisters often feel unequal to the service entrusted to them, but in this time of evaluation and searching, they are confident that they can count on “the grace of their apostolate” and on the strength that flows from being “one big community,” which–although scattered throughout the world–prays, thinks, draws up and disseminates “Pauline thought” together through the various expressions of the Institute’s mission.

The group has now entered the more operative stage of its work, initiated by means of a round table discussion, with input by the editorial managers of three publishing houses–SSP Editions, Città Nuova and EMI (Italian Missionary Publishers). It is interesting to see how creativity, passion and realism continue to guide choices and strategies aimed at responding in an always more appropriate manner to the situations and expectations of the contemporary world. Editorial work has never been easy and today it is more challenging than ever, but our sisters are strongly motivated and encouraged by their faith in Jesus Christ, who reinvigorates their profound commitment to evangelization.

In the coming days their reflections will center on particular dimensions of the editorial apostolate and on the economic and organizational aspects linked to them. They will also have the chance to listen to the “story” behind several FSP projects underway in different parts of the world.