IIAE2018 – Program


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24 September  Arrival and time of settling in

Dynamics aimed at getting acquainted

Inauguration of the book exhibit (“Book Salon”)

25 September  Opening Day – A Look at Reality

Introductory Address by Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan

Brief overview of past Encounters for the Apostolate-Economy

Presentation of the Methodology

Talk: Giving voice back to nascent humanity
          Prof. Marco Guzzi, poet, philosopher, professor and writer

 26 September  Communication Today


New forms of writing and reading require new edition models
Prof. professor at the University of Rome, the University of Tuscia and the University of Viterbo

Farewell mass media. Welcome social media
Dr. Seàn-Patrick Lovett, journalist and Program Director for Vatican Radio’s English sector

Group work

Prayer: Window on the World

27 September  Publishing in General and Catholic Publishing in Particular

Synthesis of the Questionnaire / Questions and Comparisons


Publishing Challenges of the New Times
Prof. Giuliano Vigini, writer and professor of the sociology of contemporary publishing at Sacred Heart University, Milan

Group work

28 September  Content – Recipients


Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Daughters of St. Paul
Prof. Lidia Maggi, Baptist pastor, biblical scholar and theologian

Who are the Gospel poor today
Dr. Luigi Accattoli, journalist

Telling the Good News of the family in today’s world
Dr. Francesco Belletti, professor, director of CISF (International Center for Studies on the Family)

Speaking to young people living in the third millennium
Fr. Gianmario Pagano, screenwriter, author, blogger, professor

Questions for the speakers / Personal study

29 September  Pauline Publishing in the Thought of Fr. Alberione


Being a publisher in the spirit of Father Alberione
Giacomo Perego, ssp

The grace of the editorial apostolate: a brief history
Anna Caiazza, fsp

Group work

Prayer of praise for the Pauline publishing mission

30 September   Free Day

1 October    Comparison of ideas with several publishers

San Paolo (Simone Bruno, ssp, editorial manager)
EMI (Lorenzo Fazzini, editorial manager)
Città Nuova (Luca Gentile, editorial manager)

Group work

Prayer: Window on the World

2-3 October  Practical Aspects of Book Production

Economic aspects, contracts, printing runs, warehouse stock and turnover of products, graphics, ecc.
 Sr. Natalia – Sr. Gabriella Santon

Practical exercises / Comparison

Prayer at the “Book Salon”

4 October  Experiences – Personal study

Presentation of several experiences in the publishing field (Korea, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, East Africa)

Presentation of the methodology for the Workshop

Personal study

5-6 October   Drafting of the Editorial Guidelines


Meetings on the continental or linguistic levels to share projects and find modes of apostolic collaboration

7 October Concluding day

Results of the Workshop

Concluding Address of Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan

Eucharistic Celebration
Bishop Antonio Mennini