IIAE2018-Information n.3



Rome, 7 October 2018

Our International Encounter on the Apostolate-Economy has come to an end. Its final week focused on practical matters connected to editorial/publishing work.

As can well be imagined, work in the editorial/publishing field is not limited to the choice, processing and production of content. It also has a very concrete dimension linked to the legal and economic world of contracts, copyrights, the rotation of warehouse stock, administrative and personnel management, not to mention the aspect of graphics. All these practical topics were addressed by several Daughters of St. Paul: Sr. Natalia Maccari, Sr. Gabriella Santon and Sr. Sergia Ballini, each from the standpoint of her area of expertise.

The assembly also deeply appreciated the round table discussion to which 5 sisters from Korea, Italy, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya contributed. In a succession of images and words, they presented editorial projects underway in their respective circumscriptions–initiatives centered on correspondence courses in biblical formation, on communication, on civic education and on the values that build the person.

The last days of the Encounter were dedicated to workshops. Starting from the input of the preceding days and their subsequent group work, the participants sketched out the “face” of our Pauline Publishing House: its identity, the content it is called to produce and disseminate, its recipients, the method to follow, the formation of its staff, collaboration–all essential for the sustainability and development of the Institute’s specific mission.

The agenda also included times of intense prayer, as well as moments of celebration and spontaneous sharing. In addition, the participants had the chance to get together on the continental level to evaluate the progress made together and plan further development by means of common projects.

Now it is time to return home, each sister to her own community and work, enriched by the input received, the sharing of experiences and the desire to make the most of the many suggestions offered so as to incorporate them into her circumscription’s future journey.