Sunday of Advent 2010

2nd Sunday of Advent 2010

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

Advent features radiant “presences” that, like beacons in the night, illuminate the path leading to the One who comes. On the Second Sunday of Advent, we meet John the Baptizer, a witness to the Light. He is a decisive, convinced and profound “mouthpiece of God”-the herald of a prophetic message that speaks to hearts, urging… Read more »

1st Sunday of Advent 2010

The very meaning of the word “advent” (from the Latin adventus = arrival, coming) offers us the perspective that every Christian should strive to adopt during this season. In fact, all of Sacred Scripture speaks to us about the continual “advents” of God in human history–comings that find their complete fulfillment in Jesus of Nazareth…. Read more »