Sunday of Advent 2017

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017

Becoming Small so as To Welcome God’s Greatness The next step on our journey toward Christmas is to enter the mystery of “smallness”–a paradox because only those who are small are able to welcome the greatness of God. The Eternal One makes himself small: he whom the whole universe cannot contain takes on flesh and… Read more »

Third Sunday of Advent 2017

Allowing His Mystery To Shine Through Having reached the halfway point on our journey toward Christmas, we now celebrate the day on which we view every event from the perspective of joy. But if hope does not shine through that joy, then it is sterile folly. “Rejoice!” This exhortation is an important part of the… Read more »

Second Sunday of Advent 2017

To See the Invisible Continuing our Advent journey, let us now enter into what seems to be a paradox in the spiritual life, namely: to “see the Invisible.” Since the Second Sunday of Advent presents us with the voice as a basic element in helping us perceive what is imperceptible to our senses, it might… Read more »

First Sunday of Advent 2017

Go Against the Tide During this Advent season, let us meditate on the way in which God enters the lives of human beings: how he is incarnated and born on this earth and in the life of each one of us. Contemplating his descent into the human heart, we note that God reveals to us… Read more »