Fourth Sunday of Advent 2021

Experiencing the Impossible Lk. 1:39-45 «Faced with the angel’s announcement, Mary welcomed the improbable, the unforeseen, the impossible, because, after all, life is nothing but waiting without an object» (Simone Weil). In order for there to be an event, in order for the other–the surprising–to reveal itself for what it is, one must experience the… Read more »

Third Sunday of Advent 2021

What should we do? Luke 3, 10-18 “What should we do?” the crowds asked John the Baptizer. “What should we do?” is the question that each person ultimately asks him/herself as the need to find meaning in life becomes pressing. The Gospel excerpt for today’s Liturgy opens by specifying just what the verb to love… Read more »

Second Sunday of Advent 2021

All humanity will see the salvation of God Luke 3:1-6 The word of God dwells in the desert and in people who are silent. “God is supremely indifferent to what human beings construct, but out of love he sends his word to them uncontaminated by civilization, and this word enables them to handle what is… Read more »

First Sunday of Advent 2021

Advent: A Time of Surprises Lk. 21:25-28, 34-36 Advent should help us become more aware that what counts in life is an attitude of openness and availability to realities much vaster than we are, so that the life within us–like a mustard seed–can develop more and more and accomplish its work of purification and liberation…. Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2019

The Vow of “Vastity”

In this passage, Joseph is defined as an “upright man.” He was reluctant to take Mary and the child into his home not because he believed his wife to be an adulteress, but because he considered himself upright. The Gospel overturns this mentality, typical of religious people of all times, namely: to consider God’s gift… Read more »

Third Sunday of Advent 2019

God of the Living, Not the Dead

John the Baptist, the greatest of the prophets, has doubts and asks: “Are you the one who is to come?” John, a man of the Old Testament, was formed in that school in which God is not only the God of the living, but also of the dead, in the sense that he can also… Read more »