Second Sunday of Advent 2023

The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God No, it is more than just a beginning, it is a Principle; it is Genesis, it is life that, in order to be vital and vibrant, must always start afresh. It means forever returning to the state of raw material, like clay that is… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2022

The unpredictable introduces amazing things into the fabric of an upright man’s daily existence. God, the Absolutely Unpredictable One, chooses the scandal of dwelling in a virgin and of disrupting Joseph’s sleep with divine visitations. Why he decides to enter the lives of the upright in startling ways remains a mystery. He bursts unpredictably into…

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Third Sunday of Advent 2022

They have arrested the independent one. They have forced the desert into a cage. They have deprived the sky of its nights. They have stifled his cry of hope. In short, they have arrested John the Baptist. A restless lion, a caged lion, confused, humble, lost–John is no longer the person he…

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First Sunday of Advent 2022

The first Sunday of Advent invites us to turn our gaze to the heart of things–to creation, which is pleading for our care. In Noah’s time, and in our own as well, life needs to be cared for, tended. Christmas reveals this to us: a divine Child entrusts himself to the care and nurturing…

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Fourth Sunday of Advent 2021

Experiencing the Impossible Lk. 1:39-45 «Faced with the angel’s announcement, Mary welcomed the improbable, the unforeseen, the impossible, because, after all, life is nothing but waiting without an object» (Simone Weil). In order for there to be an event, in order for the other–the surprising–to reveal itself for what it is, one must experience the… Read more »